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Boy Scout Logo Boy Scouting, is a year-round program for boys age 11 - 17. Boys who are 10 may join if they have  received the Arrow of Light Award in Cub Scouts or have finished the fifth grade.



What Parents Should Know about Boy Scouts


Parents of boys beginning the 6th grade generally find it very overwhelming to keep up with all the demands of their boy's life.  This, however, is probably one of the most critical times in a boy's life.  They have to take on more responsibility in school and learn how to make good choices.  They are faced with immeasurable amount of peer pressure and they are developing their own identity and self esteem.  While Church, School, and Sports are very important, the Boy Scout program is all about Making Our Country Better, One Man at a Time.  This program may be just what you are looking for:


As a parent, you can be assured that Boy Scouting:

  • teaches promotes learning these skills in an Outdoor and FUN environment.
    • acceptance of responsibility
    • good leadership skills
    • lifelong values
    • time management and organizational skills

  • provides for parental involvement based on the parents desire and availability. (Click on Volunteer for more information)
  • provides for quality roll models, in both adult  and older youth leadership.


For additional information about Boy Scouting, click on this link, sit back and listen to the presentation.

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