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North Star District provides monthly (except for July) Cub Scout and Boy Scout roundtables. Roundtables are an excellent opportunity for Scout adult leaders to network with other Scout adult leaders, learn new programming ideas, get updates on the Scouting program in a timely manor, sometimes eat good food, play games or just have fun with other adults in the Scouting program.

The Cub Scout and Boy Scout roundtables will be held on the same night at the same location. The meetings will start with a group wide opening, and then split into the different program areas. Bringing all the Scouters together for one meeting will allow them to meet other Scouts from all program levels. 

The annual schedule for roundtables is:

  • August - Cub & Boy Scout Joint roundtable
  • October thru December - Individual Cub Scout and Boy Scout program offerings at the combined roundtable. 
  • January thru June - Individual Cub Scout and Boy Scout program offerings at the individual roundtables.


The combined roundtable is held on the second Thursday of the month at the LDS Carrollton Stake Center, 4000 Nazarene Rd, Carrollton,   

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