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While we have until the end of 2015 to answer YES for all of our units.   Currently we are at 67%.

To help do this, a list of Trained / Not Trained Top Unit Leaders (along with our percentage to our ultimate goal of 100%) will appear on the North Star District Website.  Remember, to be a "Trained Leader", an adult volunteer needs to have successfully completed all the training as proscribed by National.  If you are not sure that you are a Trained Top Unit Leader, a list of the required training can be found here.  Members of the North Star District Training Staff will be continually going through our training records (and possibly making some calls or sending e-mails) to make sure that all of our Top Unit Leaders ... i.e. Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Crew Advisors and Varsity Coaches ... have all of the required training.

Also, remember that each leadership position has a leader-specific training course associated with it and the Trained patch earned applies only to the position for which it was earned. If a leader attends all training for a Tiger Cub den leader and then transitions the next year to a Cub Scout den leader role, the leader must attend the training specific to Cub Scout den leaders to be considered trained for that position. Some of those required courses are the same - they do not need to be retaken unless, like is possible with Youth Protection Training, the training certification has expired. When signing up for a leader specific course, inquire about only attending the necessary part if you have already earned your Trained patch for a previously held position.

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